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Assignment | Discussion on Decision Making

This assignment allows students to assess and choose communication behaviors for effective teamwork and decision-making in a diverse group setting.
This discussion question has three steps:
Step 1:  Watch the video on Conformity produced by TheraminTrees (Links to an external site.) .  In this video, we are reminded that the pressure to conform is both “pervasive and insidious” and largely due to us perceiving social penalties for not doing so.  We are also reminded that group opinion has the potential to affect an individual’s information processing. 
Step 2:  Think of a recent situation in the professional environment (or college environment) when you were part of a small group assigned a task and you knowingly went along with the majority despite private reservations or preferences. In a 200-300 word post provide a response to the following: 
1.) Briefly describe the situation and the role you played in the group. 
2.) Describe the group norms that allowed this to occur.  (Did passive behavior or aggressive behavior hold your group back from collaborating?)  Explain. 
3.) Using the articles and materials from this course regarding small group communication, offer two suggestions that would promote critical thinking in the group and the norm to openly voice legitimate criticisms with the group.