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For this assignment, prepare a 10-12 slide digital presentation, include a title slide, reference slide as well as presenter notes. Explain applicable federal/state/local laws and the current school and district policies related to teachers’ responsibilities to protect students’ rights and safety.  
The presentation should include specific examples related to four of the following topics:

Digital citizenship (e.g., communication, literacy, etiquette, law, rights and responsibilities, and security) 

Two additional topics from the list below:

Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation/Violence, on and off campus
Searches of students (e.g., drugs, weapons, cellphones)
Reporting requirements for suspected child abuse
FERPA and students’ privacy rights
Trauma or traumatic events (e.g., fire, bomb threat, evacuation)

One additional topic from the list below:

Extracurricular teacher assignments and responsibilities (e.g., playground supervision, coaching, club sponsoring)
Maintaining inclusion classrooms and compliance with IEPs for students with exceptionalities
Managing a classroom when 1:1 technology is present
Teachers’ professional behavior on and off campus, and online when communicating with the community, colleagues, and stakeholders

Support your presentation with a minimum of three resources.