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Argument/Commentary Paper

Due Tuesday by 11:59pm Points 200

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Assignment Overview

According to, an editorial is:

Editorial: NOUN: an article in a newspaper or other periodical or on a

website presenting the opinion of the publisher, writer, or editor

Several other sources refer to it as an “opinionated news story”.

5/21/22, 10:43 PM
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Your assignment it to pick a relevant, timely, controversial issue and really craft an

editorial to get people to hear your perspective and (hopefully) side with you. This

is NOT a research essay although you need at least 3 source of support.

Remember, the key is how you craft and back up your argument.

Grading & Submission

A rubric is available on Canvas. The key categories for grading are:

A clear thesis supported by logical and convincing evidence

Strong organization

Proper MLA formatting (including intext citations and at least 3 “Works


Excellent grammar and language mechanics

Length: 400+ words

The Submission: Submit an electronic copy done in Word via Canvas. If for any

reason Canvas doesn’t work, email the document as an attachment (not as a One

Drive document) to Dr. E. Late assignments will have an automatic point


Plagiarism:Papers plagiarized either in whole or in part will receive a “0” and

failure of the course.

5/21/22, 10:43 PM
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Total Points: 200

Research Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

40 pts

40 pts

40 pts

80 pts

Please feel free to contact Dr. E if you have any questions along the way!


Clear thesis carried throughout and supported by appropriate data; enough

evidence to be informative and convincing


Ideas are presented in a logical and organized manner with solid, separate

paragraphs; good use of transitions; solid introduction and conclusion


Follows proper MLA guidelines; proper Works Cited; proper in-text citations


Solid sentence structure; good use of punctuation; excellent grammar and

language mechanics

5/21/22, 10:43 PM
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