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This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible

due May 31

Discussion: Perspective
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Now it is your turn to play around with perspective. Select a story or event

and re-tell it from another perspective. You don’t have to be 100% factual.

One of the easiest things to work with is a fairy tale (such as telling the story

of Cinderella from the step-sisters’ point of view), but you are not restricted

to that genre. Other ideas include re-telling a historical even from the non-

victor’s perspective or telling a story from a non-main character point of

view (such as in the previously mentioned musical Wicked or the book The

Other Einstein).

You can have fun with this and take the newscaster’s perspective as he/she

waits for cue cards or stumbles on pronouncing an unknown name. You

might even tell about an earthquake or hurricane from the story of a dog as

opposed to the normal perspective of its human owner. Be creative if you


5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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Search entries or author

” Reply


Your response must be a minimum of 250 words. Please put your response

directly into your discussion reply so that fellow students can easily read it

without needing to open an attachment. You must note the situation and

the perspective at the end of your post.


This assignment is worth 100 points and based on (1) grammar and solid

writing mechanics and (2) depth and accuracy of response.

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Breanna Beck (

May 2, 2022


5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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Edited by Breanna Beck ( on May 2 at 11:06pm

” Reply

Hi! My name is Janet. I live in the town of Birdwell Island. It was a normal

day when I saw the house next to me was sold, I was glad to get new

neighbors. But I had no idea what was coming our way. At first, it looked

like a normal family with a mom, dad, and a little girl my age named Emily

Elizabeth then I met their pet it was a cute red dog named Clifford.

Clifford seemed nice but he was a really big dog almost the size of a


Living with a big dog next door is very challenging. When he wags his tail,

the breeze can knock over stuff in our yard. Or when he gets a bath, he

gets water all over his yard and ours, and when he shakes it out it feels

like it is raining. And when you are trying to relax in the sun, he will block

the sun without realizing what he is doing. And when he licks you, you

end up soaked in slobber.

But it’s not all bad having Clifford next door. There is no need to go to

the park when you have Clifford. He will let us slide down his back like a

giant slide. or we can climb all over him like a jungle gym. We can swing

from his tail and when you are feeling down, he will let you curl up and

cuddle with him.

I can’t wait to see what fun Clifford brings tomorrow.

From the perspective of the next-door neighbor of Clifford the big red



Ryan Anderson (

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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May 11, 2022

Edited by Ryan Anderson ( on May 11 at 11:28am

” Reply


Everyone has heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Or so they think

they have! But has anyone heard my side of the story? My name is Walter

T. Wolf. I was walking along in the woods one sunny day, just minding my

own business, when out of nowhere appears a little girl wearing a red

cape with a hood. I politely said hello to her and asked her where she

was going on this fine day. She told me that she was going to visit her

sick grandmother. I thought that was so kind of her and told her what a

sweet girl she was and smiled. Suddenly, my stomach started growling

something terrible. It’s not my fault that wolves eat small animals and


All I could think about was how tasty the grandmother would be, and I

decided to run to her house and gobble her up! After I gobbled her up, I

put her glasses and night cap on my head and crawled into

grandmother’s bed. Just then, the little girl in the red cape came into the

house. She thought that I was her grandmother. It’s not my fault that she

thought I was her grandmother. She got really close to me, so I jumped

out of bed and gobbled her up too. Just then, a woodsman comes in and

grabs me by my ankles and shakes me upside down. I lost the little girl

and the grandmother. went running out of the house and ran for life out

of the woods. It was such a scary experience and now I am still hungry!


Jennifer Viney (

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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May 18, 2022


I have always loved to travel, but my adventuring was not always a

popular choice with my family. Being a member of an empath race can

be hard on everyone when you feel the desperate need to explore. So,

when I took off on my latest trip and my ship crashed following an engine

malfunction, I knew I was in for it if I ever did get home. I knew the

longer I was away, the sicker I would feel, I had lost communications in

the crash, so there was no way to send for a rescue ship. I found myself

on a planet inhabited by the strangest of creatures, who clearly did not

have the technology available for me to be able to make repairs or

contact my planet. But I was grateful to be able to breathe, I was

uninjured, so I had hope.

My priority was to find anything resembling kimble, because I was

starving after the adrenaline rush of crashing and discovering I had

survived. I needed to find shelter quickly, away from my crashed ship,

which I knew would be discovered soon. I had no idea if the inhabitants

of the planet would be hostile, there were a few strange small furry ones

that for the most part ignored me, so I decided to keep myself hidden in

the undergrowth until it got dark and then I set off to explore. There were

so many sounds and lights, I was terrified to move, but as usual, my

stomach won the argument and I soon found myself picking up the scent

of kimble in the distance. And that is how I met my Elliott.

Looking back, I realize how lucky I was. Of all the humans to come

across, I found the one human boy who would risk so much for me, even

fighting his own kind to keep me safe. The younger humans are filled

with so much love and empathy that I realize they are not that so

different to us. I had so much fun living in their habitat. They dressed me

up, shared their food and took me on great bike adventures, but I missed

home so badly.

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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” Reply

home so badly.

Elliott is such a clever young human, he loved to read texts that he called

comics and he allowed me to study them when he was out at school. One

of the comics showed me that I had judged these young humans too

quickly. They had clearly attempted communication with other planets

before, so Elliott and I started to work on a ‘phone home’ and I began to

believe that there was a chance I might make it back to the green planet.

On Halloween monster night, the young humans dress up to scare the

older ones, for fun. There was kimble being given out everywhere, the

children were running from dwelling to dwelling, scoffing it down and

laughing, it was so tempting to join in. But I was so determined to test

our newly made device, I wasn’t going to let sugar be my undoing. It was

so bumpy riding in the bike basket, I was sure the device would fall apart.

Elliott and I held our breath and pushed the button. The test was a

success, I made the call. I was elated and devastated all at the same

time. I knew I only had a few minutes left before I would be able to head

back to my planet, but I loved my little human friend and did not want to

leave him behind. I so desperately wanted him to come with me, but I

knew that his planet needed him on Earth.

I know that both of our planets have benefitted from our friendship and

love of each other, I will never forget him. I hope that one day, he can tell

his story, so the whole of Earth can hear of our unlikely friendship. Maybe

one day, I will get to see you again Elliott…

Written from the perspective of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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Hope Hardeman (She/Her)

May 18, 2022


I always loved roses, the way they glistened in the morning dew, they

smelt so precious as I walked through a field of freshly rained on, dewy

grass to get to town. People complain about the bread being stale and

the eggs being expensive, But I come to town for the people any people,

after mum and pa send me away after wanting to write my own books, I

haven’t had much inspiration especially since people around here don’t

have enough spirit in them to even stray from their stringent routine. I try

to visit my favorite place in which I can be everywhere at the same time,

a quaint library I politely say good morning to Monsieur Jean as I trace

the walls for inspiration, I want more for me I think, I need more. When I

leave, I hear the Madams gossip of the town talking about a witch that

can grant any wish if you pass her test. I feel my body awaken with joy, as

I set out to look for what I’ve always wanted: A choice.

See, mum and pa wanted a quaint life for me cooking and cleaning for

my husband while taking care of the kids, all I wanted was to settle down

in a cottage with me and my husband sitting by a fireplace feeling the

warmth on our skin, with hot cocoa slipping easily down our throats while

we cuddle up close with a book, my book. But my parents thought I was

crazy, not for just wanting to be a writer but, also for not wanting kids. I

shake the sadness of my parent’s disappointment and set off to find the

witch. As I walk down the freezing path toward the place, I overheard the

directions for I see an old lady in a white coat, shivering in the cold. “Are

you alright?” I ask. “I’m just so cold” she replies. That’s when I realize

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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you alright?” I ask. “I’m just so cold” she replies. That’s when I realize

she didn’t have a white coat on but was covered with snow. I rush over

and brush the fallen snow off as I see she has no coat underneath, I

immediately put my coat on her. “Oh no I can’t accept this” she rejects,

“Nonsense, your freezing” I counter, and she accepts. “What is a young

girl like you doing out here?” she wonders. “I was looking for a witch, but

that can wait while I get you somewhere warm” I reply and urge her back

the way I came. “Wait, what would you ask for?” she wonders aloud.

Something in this stranger’s eyes makes me feel at home like I can trust

her and I begin to say “Love” it comes out silent and squeaky but, she

heard me and smiles “Don’t you know love comes from within” she says

as she turns around and I see a beautiful creature with long white locks,

deep purple eyes that I am captivated by as she speaks, “Your wish will

be granted, only a few have passed my test” before I can speak I am

sleeping, I wake unable to move. I want to scream, I want to cry, I want

to run, but I can’t. What did she do to me?

I see the old lady I help and try to speak but my voice only comes out in

thoughts. “Don’t strain yourself” she tells me. We arrive at the forbidden

castle as the witch knocks, I hear faint music playing in the background,

the witch enters and offers a rose to the prince in exchange for a place to

stay, the prince mocks the witch but as she changes from his disbelief is

unbearable, he falls on his knees in agony. The witch gives me to the

prince who she has turned into a beast. She says I am to be a

representation of the life he has left. She has tied me to this beast! I

passed the test and I get cursed too! How is this fair!? The Beast gets

discouraged as the years go by and has trapped me in a glass dome,

while the life slowly bleeds out of me. Then the faithful day I prayed for

came a girl, maybe the one that can break our curse, it’s a girl she

happened upon me whilst being suspicious of the beast I assumed. But

what I never figured out was why she chose to explore the castle instead

of escaping it. She quickly leaves before the beast can return “Did she

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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” Reply

of escaping it. She quickly leaves before the beast can return “Did she

come in here” he asks, a stupid question considering the witch took away

my speech, yes, I reply in my head as yet another petal is released from

my already thinly appearance.

The next day, the beast is getting ready for a ball, this is the happiest I’ve

ever seen him, and the girl seems to have changed him in some way I

can’t put my finger on. A few days later I have even less energy than

before, I feel I might slip into the darkness of my thoughts. But suddenly,

I wake to fire and loud banging, someone is storming the castle I hear

the violence of men’s swords clashing as they storm their way upstairs, I

feel too weak to try to hold on any longer, as the beast, bloody with sword

slashes knocks over my dome, leaving me defenseless and surrounded by

shards of glass. I guess our fates are intertwined, I think as I am ready to

let go at that moment. Mademoiselle comes to aid the beast and kisses

him with her supple lips, and I feel a rush of warmth as I accept my true

form no longer a rose, and the prince no longer a beast.

-Beauty and the Beast _Perspective of the Rose


Michael Bratz (He/Him)



These human’s really need to wake up! The sun is shining, the birds are

chirping, this new little human is screaming yet here they are, snoozing it

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
Page 9 of 13

chirping, this new little human is screaming yet here they are, snoozing it

up. I have an idea! I am going to lick their faces to help them realize its

four in the morning and it is time to seize the day.

Yes, I knew it would work. You are welcome little human; mom is now

making you breakfast, and dad is getting you a fresh pair of underwear.

Now I am going to awkwardly stair at them while pacing back and forth.

They should get the message that I am ready to take them on their

morning walk. I know just how much they love these walks that I take

them on. I get the chance to teach them how to go to the bathroom

outside, show them how good duck poop tastes, and even how to chase

squirrels. It is such a great exercise to chase down squirrels. I have not

been able to personally get one but if my humans watch and learn I hope

that they get the chance to make me proud one day. Ever since my new

little human came home the walks have been a little slower because he

cannot use his legs just yet, but it is a great idea to get him started at

such a young age. He is going to be a pro soon. Wow, I was so busy

thinking about what I can teach my humans I lost train of thought and

now I already walked them home. I am tired anyway; I’m just going to

take a nap.

Woah, who is ringing that bell? Don’t they realize I am sleeping? So rude,

I cannot wait for one of my humans to let them know they woke me up.

Wait a second, what is that smell? Wow! It smells like nachos and

burritos. That is so nice of them to buy me my favorite lunch. Wait, why

are they eating it? I thought they bought that lunch for me. Time for that

awkward stare again. If I stare long enough, I know that will get the

message across. Success, a crunchy nacho, so good! A second one? I am

so lucky! These two do really love me. I know how to repay them for this

delicious lunch. I am going to take them back outside.

Oh wow, the sun has gotten so much hotter since I took them for a walk

this morning. I hope they know I am going to call this outside trip a short

one. Hey, why did they throw that ball? It is a really nice ball. I am going

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
Page 10 of 13

” Reply

one. Hey, why did they throw that ball? It is a really nice ball. I am going

to get that for them so we can go inside. Seriously, you threw it again.

What did this ball ever do to you? I better get it since they are just

standing there. Ok, this getting a little silly. I got the ball for him, and he

threw it a third time. I do not understand why he keeps doing this. Woah!

A squirrel! I cannot miss this opportunity. I am going to get this one, I

just know it. Dang, better luck next time. That is right, I need to get that

ball for my human. Well, first this looks like a good spot to go to the

bathroom. Ok, I am going to grab the ball but this time, I am not going to

give it to the human. I am going to walk right by them, and they should

follow me inside so we can get back in the AC. It worked! I knew it would.

Do you know what, I am going to take a nap so we can get tomorrow

started and I can take them for a walk in the morning.

-A Dog Saturday Morning-


Christy Gooden (



5/25/22, 4:39 AM
Page 11 of 13

I am tall, full of pine combs, and sway in the wind. I’m living my best life

right now. I look around and see nothing but pines in rows for what

appears to be endless miles. I see squirrels, deer, and even planes. What

else could one pine tree need to see to ….ouch, ouch I say! What is going

on? Why are all the bushes around me burning? Why are all the animals

fleeing? What is happening to me? What are all these machines doing

out here? Why are the pines next to me being hauled away? Where is

everyone going?

I have come to realize it is my time. I must be cut down so people of all

ages can use me for paper. Children will be able to scribble, color, paint,

and learn how to write using me. I will be covered in vibrant colors,

become a small child’s first piece of artwork, and a college students first,

second and final draft of an essay. I may even get the chance to become

a teenagers diary and learn a bunch of secrets. Man, this is exciting!

Now that I have been cut down, processed, and placed into packs of

plastic or in notebooks, I will be shipped off to several different stores all

over this country. Can we say road trip? Or wait, maybe I will get to ride

in one of those planes that once flew over me. I did not realize that I was

going to be able to make this many people happy, after all I was just one

pine tree swaying in the wind.

I am living my best life. I am so excited! Can you see me? I am on the

fridge, the bedroom wall, and in a binder waiting to be graded for a very

important essay. Christy even made a diary out of me last week and I tell

you what, that chick has so many stories to share. I never realized I

would have such an impact on everyone that bought me. What is even

better is once I am recycled I will get to do this all over again for many

years to come.

From the perspective of a Pine Tree after being cut down.

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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” Reply

5/25/22, 4:39 AM
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