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Design and Create a Landscaping Service Presentation
The presentation should meet these criteria:

The presentation should contain a title slide and at least 4 content slides.
The presentation should have an appropriate theme.
The title slide should contain the title, Barry’s Landscaping Service, and a subtitle, Bensenville, Indiana.
The presentation should contain at least one or two clips or pictures on each slide.
The clips and pictures should be appropriately resized.
The 7 x 7 rule should be followed throughout the presentation.
The font size of the title text should be larger than the content paragraph text.
Important text should be italicized and/or bolded.
Different font colors could be used to convey meaning.
Spacing between elements in the presentation should be appropriate.
The presentation, as a whole, should be visually appealing.
A transition should be applied to all the slides in the presentation.
The presentation should not contain spelling or grammar errors.
Submit the presentation in pptx format.