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I need help with a discussion post and two responses to peers.
For your company, perform the following research in the 10K or other public sources
1. What is the purpose of capital budgeting and how does it align to the corporate or finance strategy?
2. What are the expected capital expenditures for your company for this year? What are they investing in capital assets?
2. In the 10-K Item 6 Selected Financial Data – Review some interesting events that impacted the financial statements of the company?

3. In the 10-K Item 3 Review some of the more interesting legal proceedings against the company

Examples of other posts:

Peer responses to this post:


Could you please clarify what you mean by the company will spend -$6 billion on capital expenditures this year? Do you mean that they will be selling their assets and receiving 6 billion in cash flow from these sales? Since the word “expenditure” usually pertains to a cash outflow, I am quite interested in how you got a negative number for this.

I am not surprised that the main impactful event mentioned in Delta’s 10k was COVID. The same thing can be said for my company, 3M, as well as most other companies. While I think COVID may have had a positive impact on 3M due to their sale of medical products, it is certainly understandable that travel restrictions and shutdowns would have a negative impact on Delta.

Nice post

2) RE: Discussion 4 – Delta Air Lines

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Hi Jane,

Great discussion regarding Delta’s capital expenditures and assets. It is interesting to learn what, and airline’s capital assets are considered since property and plant are not exactly their main hub. However, aircraft equipment and construction projects are great assets especially considering Delta’s higher quality services compared to let’s say Spirit. It is also no surprise that COVID has made an impact on their financial statements as restrictions limit airline profitability. Despite travel regulations improving, client safety and public fear can still play a lasting role in years to come. Great work!

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