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A paper about the COOP training. 

3000 words.

The paper attached has some info about the main recommendations to be mentioned in the work.

Deadline: 30 May, 2022 at 11:30 P.M
Major: Finance.
Field of COOP training: Finance, Venture Capital industry.

My major work was finding potential investments in start-ups, analyzing the opportunity, deciding with the team whether to invest or not, and conducting DCF analysis on companies in the Saudi stock market for the company’s portfolio.

The challenges that can be used as an example are the gap between what we studied and the real work, and that doing your COOP training in a start-up company can give you better responsibilities. for example, regarding the gap, we have never conducted a DCF model in school, and we have never used excel to do numbers in the finance department. These two skills are very important in the financial industry, and I believe they should be taught in our school.