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Attached are the instructions for the assignment. Please read and answer all questions required in the project.

Attached are also the transcripts required to read.

GOVT 220
Presentation Assessment: Attacks on Christianity Assignment Instructions
Prior to beginning this assignment, read Tim Goeglein – Part 1 and Tim Goeglein – Part 2. Goeglien discusses the attacks on Christianity during a live presentation at Liberty in 2013. The threats he addresses have not only become a reality but intensified. Goeglein highlights several constitutional principles which have been violated and have led to a decline in moral and virtuous behavior. As noted in Module 1 Week 1, for liberty to survive, we need virtuous leaders. You may also find it beneficial to review The Constitutional Christian.
Using the information in the presentations, and current issues in America today, you will write a 3 – 5 page essay in current APA format. Your essay will have an introduction, conclusion, and level headings. It will include a title page, a reference page, at least three additional sources not more than six months old, and at least three biblical references with their complete text. The additional sources may be a news article, a journal article, a recent court case, or similar current event. Note the author and date of publication. Be sure to include the video presentations and Bible in your reference page. These do not count as “additional sources”. Wikipedia and similar sources are not acceptable. Do not simply write parts of Goeglein’s presentation verbatim.
As a reminder, collaborating with other students on this assignment or borrowing answers from other students’ work is considered plagiarism and will be treated as such.
1. According to Tim Goeglein, what was President Reagan’s outlook on America? How would you compare Reagan’s outlook with that of the current president? Compare or contrast three specific areas of governance.
2. Tim Goeglein discusses three major attacks on the Christian foundations of America. What are these major attacks? Provide at least one biblical reference, with the complete text of the verse, applicable to each attack. Name a Supreme Court decision which legitimized the attack and when it was rendered.
3. Select one of the attacks on the Christian foundations of our nation discussed in Question 2 and go into further detail: discuss which commandment or constitutional principle the attack violates, and the basis for the case. The attacks on Christianity in America continue to this day. Discuss three court cases, not more than five years old, that either reinforce the attack or demonstrate a fight to change direction.
4. At the conclusion of his presentation, Tim Goeglein discusses the job of the Christian in light of these attacks. Discuss whether or not you believe the country is moving in the right direction and how you as a Christian can help others understand how to change our culture to glorify God?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the TurnItIn plagiarism tool.

Well, without boring you with biographical detail, It’s 27 years later. And I’ve been in Washington all those years as a Christian, as a conservative, as a Republican in that order. And I’ve come to see that I am surrounded. And I do mean surrounded not by people of no faith, but by people of faith who believe that America’s best days are behind us. People have come to two of lost hope and lost a sense of optimism in the United States of America. Now, I grew up in the shadow of the disaster that we otherwise called the Vietnam War. By the way, probably in those days, I would have been for the war. And I also grew up in the shadow of Watergate, which was another, as you all know, extraordinarily difficult time for the United States of America. Following Vietnam Watergate, which you all know resulted in the first resignation of a US president ever President, Richard Nixon came the administration of Jimmy Carter. And by 1979, which was the last year of the Carter administration, America, as a sum total, had been through perhaps among the 25 most difficult ears in contemporary American history. And out of nowhere, literally out of nowhere came a former actor called Ronald Reagan. Now, round Reagan had made over 50 movies by, by any measure, and Hollywood, that means you’re a success. But his career had faded by the late 1950s. And he had become the president of the Screen Actors Guild. And for the first time ever, he learned about the raw nature of how ideas clash. Because in one of the most significant moves ever in the history of that guild, communists working to infiltrate Hollywood. And they were working to change the worldview of the United States of America in a direction that was more open and hospitable, not hostile to a Marxist worldview. Ronald Reagan became the governor of California in the 1960s. People couldn’t believe it. This former actor, a conservative Republican, had become the governor. One of the most otherwise thought to be liberal states in the United States of America. And he was a product of Hollywood. But you know what, they didn’t know about Ronald Reagan. They did not know that this affable when some funny man was deadly serious about the greatness of the United States of America. And in fact, the single phrase that Ronald Reagan used more often than any phrase in all of his speeches, was a phrase that was first used by one of the pilgrim fathers before the founding of the United States. This pilgrim father was John Winthrop. And evoking the Bible, he said of America, that this country was as a city shining on a hill. Now for those of us who are Christians, that is a powerful image, a very powerful image. And you all know that the nature of our faith is that we do not cover it up, but that we let its light shines for all to see. And Ronald Reagan, I was drawing a direct comparison between the power and luminosity of the Christian faith and the direction of the United States of America. Now for a lot of people in the 1960s who had not been paying attention, those were fighting words. That somehow religion and government went together. Wasn’t that a joke? Hadn’t Ronald Reagan been paying attention? Wasn’t he aware of Vietnam? Watergate was still in the future, but a person who thought that America was exceptional, person who believed that America had been called out of all of human history to be a leader for freedom in the world. Who was this man? I have to tell you that I began paying attention to politics in the early 1970s. And I was enamored of Ronald Reagan. California was a long way from Indiana. But I remember watching this remarkable politicians say all the things that I believed in as a Christian. I became a young aragonite. And add exactly the same time that round Reagan was coming to power. Another person came on my radar scope. Ever heard of Jerry Falwell? Now let me just tell you something about Jerry Falwell. I was raised as a Lutheran and in the 1970s, by enlarge Lutherans did not listen to Southern Baptists on the radio. But I had an uncle called uncle Ted. Uncle Ted was not a Baptist either. But let me tell you something he was he was a person who believed with Ronald Reagan that this was an exceptional country. And he told me, he said, You know, Tim. He said I’m hearing this. Some radio broadcasts called the, the old time Gospel our silently erred on a radio station in Indiana. I want you to listen to this man. I said, Is he a politician? No, he’s not a politician. In fact, he’s a pastor. But he seems to be saying the same things that Ronald Reagan as saying. He seems to be saying that religion and public policy go together. He seems to be saying that God has his arm on the United States of America. I was really intrigued by this. And the more I listen to the old time gospel hour, and the more that I read about Jerry Falwell, and the more that I read about Ronald Reagan, I realized something. I realized that in the Christian life, thinking that you can step on this side of a bright line and be a Christian. And step on this side of the bright line and say, Well now I’m in the workplace. I gotta take off my Christian hat or credentials and put them on a shelf. Or that on this side of the line. If I’m in politics or public policy, if I’m in the military or banking, or law or medicine, that I can do what I do really well, as long as I never talk about my faith. But when I step over here into the private confines of my house, then I can be a Christian. Know both these men, both these men seem to be saying just the opposite. That in the American experience, religion and public life went together. So I began to do some research. And I began to find that in fact, from the very beginning of the United States of America, politics and public life and Christianity were of a single piece. Let me say it another way. George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, john Kennedy. They all believed as different as they were, that Americans had one thing in common. And when it came to thinking about the nature of the preservation of liberty, here’s what they believed. They believe that you could not have liberty and freedom over time. It, unless you had virtue. First. They believed that virtue was the other side of freedom. You all know what I mean when I say virtue, moral excellence. I want to say this very clearly. The major political figures of American life all believed as different as they were on big things. That you could not have liberty and freedom without virtue. And they said that in the American experience, moral excellence came from where? The Bible. Now, I want to give you a couple of very quick examples. Oh, it’s trendy. In the town where I live, Washington DC. To suggest that George Washington was really not a Christian. Now, I’m not overstating this are understating this. I live seven miles from Mount Vernon and I go to Mount Vernon at least twice a year. I go all the way through the bookshop at Mount Vernon. And I cannot find a single book that talks about the most important thing in George Washington’s life. He was on the vestry, which is the Anglican way of saying the church leadership of the PO HQ parish, a very famous Anglican parish. He was on the vestry for over 30 years. And in the Anglican tradition, almost every Sunday, you say either the nice seen Creed or the Apostles Creed or the Athanasius Creed. Now all these creeds have one giant thing in common. You confess that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Savior. That he had a virgin birth. They had an earthly ministry. Betty died and rose from the dead. Now, if George Washington were alive today, he would be one of a tiny little group of men called five-star generals. You all know about George Washington. George Washington was the greatest American. Without any peer. There would be no United States of America if there had been no George Washington. One man ready for this first president of the Constitutional Convention. Unanimous consent. Twice elected President of the United States of America by unanimous consent. And our founding lead, General Adams, Jefferson Hamilton Dickinson. The greatest founders. Different men, often sparring politically, you know what they all said, all of them independently that George Washington was the greatest man who ever lived. Wow, pretty extraordinary. Do five-star generals, who are all those things? Do they go to church for 30 and 40 and 50 years and say creeds that they didn’t believe. George Washington was a serious Christian. He is the man who said that we would have chaplains in the US military. Because he wrote very famously that the spiritual life of his soldiers was as important as anything else. He famously said that religion and morality worthy. I’m using his words now you’re ready. The indispensable supports of liberties. There are also the indispensable supports of Liberty University. I think this is the greatest university in the United States of America without peer. Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt, what a big name, elected four times to the presidency. The only man ever elected four times to the presidency. Went to Groton, went to Harvard. A spoiled child. Somebody once said of FDR that he had a second class temperament, pardon me, a second class intellect, but a first-class temperament. He was a real charmer. On one of the most brilliant, extraordinary, remarkable days in all of American history. You all know what day that is, D-Day. Hope you’ve all been to the D-Day Memorial less than 25 miles from where you’re sitting. You all know about bed for Virginia, right? 30 men go over to D Day. 19 of them lose their lives. The greatest by percentage losses of any community in the United States of America. Maybe other than the French Revolution, the biggest event in the history of Europe. The United States of America liberated. We’re up against tyranny. D-day is a big day. D-day is part of what makes this country truly exceptional. Do not how Franklin Delano Roosevelt chose to speak to the United States of America on the eve of D-Day. I kid you not, you cannot make this up. He did a lengthy, monumental radio speech in the form of a long prayer. How many of you in here have memorized or read at least once the Gettysburg Address. Easily in the top five most important speeches ever delivered on these shores. The Gettysburg Address is a sermon. Everybody in the United States had given up on Abraham Lincoln. Do you know the prospects for his re-election were so bad that Lincoln expected to lose. And when he went to Gettysburg that day, there was only one group of Americans who were still supporting Abraham Lincoln. Let me say it this way. If we had the Gallup political polls that year, Lincoln support probably would’ve been about 25 percent. He went there and spoke after a man who spoke for nearly two hours. The Gettysburg Address is, you know, is a very, very short speech. But you know what that speech assumes. It assumes that everybody listening to him in that monumental extraordinary speech. That they were Evangelical Christians that’s who lived in and around Gettysburg then and now. It was one of the pockets of Angelica Christianity. And in the beautiful prose cadence in that speech, Lincoln evokes the King James version of the Bible over and over and over again. This is your history. We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest speeches ever. The I Have a Dream speech. It is impossible to hear that speech. And not understand the deep, the deep power of Christianity and how it is a foundational part of everything that defines us as Americans. So let me say this all another way. In America. God and government go together. I was at the University of Virginia last week with my oldest son. And we took a tour of the university. And when we got there, I don’t know how many of you’ve been to Charlottesville or to the University of Virginia. We had a tour guide who the first thing that he told us ready for this. The first thing he told us was that Thomas Jefferson was a secularist, had designed the first university purposely to separate GOD from education. And that government was pushed purposely to the sidelines. The State University in this great Commonwealth. Now, I have to tell you, I’ve been a student of Thomas Jefferson’s my entire life. And I, I’m, I’m sorry to say to you that I think the best historical evidence is that Jefferson was probably not a Christian. But that’s something quite different from saying that he did not except and confirm and promote the validity and power and importance of religion.

May give you an example. Within 15 minutes of what that tour guide told us, we walked in to the University of Virginia library. My friends, there is a neural 30 foot high. And at the apex of that Nero in what used to be the law school and now the library. There is the biggest depiction of the Ten Commandments and Moses you’ve ever seen. And I said to the tour guide now, you told us just a few minutes ago, this university was specifically founded on the idea that, that, that education and religion did not go together. I said, How do you explain that? And his answer was, I don’t know. And I said, Let me share with you what I think Moses is the great lawgiver. He didn’t write these laws. He was given these laws as a gift to all mankind for all time sake. And the United States of America is an upholder of law, law above opinion. He said, I never thought about it that way. And I said, baby, You should. We then walked about ten feet from there onto, into one of the most beautiful chapels I’ve ever been in. And in the Windows is depicted a huge cross. Multiple depictions of Jesus Christ and his parents, multiple depictions of the disciples. And I said to this young man, Do you know who those people are? And he said, I think I do. And I said, Well, why do you think they’re at the University of Virginia and a chapel on the grounds of the University of Virginia. If religion is unimportant. And you know what he said? I don’t know. I think that we’re living in a time. And this is very important and this is the point of everything I’ve been saying. We are living in a time in your generation. And by the way, if you forget everything I’ve said. And if you’re looking into a small technical device at this moment, I’m asking you to please put it down and to just hear me one-on-one. Because if you forget everything I’ve ever said, I’m begging you to hear this. This is why come to your classroom today. And it’s a great honor to be here, you’re ready for this. The United States of America has never been in greater peril than we are in now. We’ve been through great depressions, civil wars, two world wars and a Cold War. If you add all those wars together, we’ve had about four World Wars. Were in one now against radical Islam, and they mean business. But you know what, a very famous historian said, the following. Great societies do not perish by murder. They perish by suicide. And I want to share with you what I believed to be the suicide threat to this country. It is the overwhelming sense among Hollywood. The major media, education, the federal government and its bureaucracy, the major foundations to secularize our country. To erase God from government, to erase him from the media, to erase him from film, to erase him from the military, to erase him from higher education, to erase him from the public schools and the private schools. And here’s why I’ve asked you to just give me your undivided attention for this one minute. Because here’s a promise to you. This is a promise. Your generation will decide whether we are too, maintain our leadership for freedom in the world. That’s not rhetoric, that’s not hyperbole. If your parents were here, if your aunts and uncles, grandparents, right? I would say the same thing. But your generation is going to decide this. Because I want to assure you that a few miles from here at the University of Virginia and a lot of miles away at many other universities. And I speak on a different college campus about once every three weeks. I want to reassure you all that by enlarge with important exceptions, there professors are working overtime. To revise the history of the United States of America. They are working overtime to push God out of the public square, to push him out of the military, to push him out of the major institutions and foundations. And you know what? It is your birthright. It is not a matter in your young lives. It’s not a matter of, if, of, if you will face this kind of potential discrimination against Christians. It is a matter of when. And I’m asking from one brother in Christ to other Christians. Are we ready? Do we know our history? Can we confidently? And I do mean confidently, defend ourselves. I want to give you three examples, if I may. There is a major attack going on today against the institution of marriage. Let me tell you what marriage is. Marriage is a gift of God himself, between one man and one woman for a lifetime periods. That’s a marriage. Marriage is not two men or two women. Marriages not to man to man married to one woman, which by the way is coming. Or two women and one man, or any other combination. Marriages between a man and a woman, period. That’s the definition of marriage. I’m looking at a computer screen. I can tell you all that this is a couch. Words matter, definitions matter. This is not a couch. This is a computer screen. Objective reality and objective truth. The attack that you are living on, the living in, that we are all living in. This culture is an attempt to redefine marriage. May tell you the euphemism that’s used. Marriage, equality. You’re going, if you all have heard it, you’re going to hear it a lot more. Marriage equality suggests that we have to expand. The definition. May tell you, my friends, it’s not an attempt to expand the definition. It’s to constrict and to destroy marriage in the Christological concept between one man and one woman. Do you know that there are so many lawsuits today seeking to redefine marriage that we can’t keep them all straight. And as you know, notoriously this summer, our own Supreme Court said that there is no federal definition of marriage. Did you know that by one vote, they said that federal benefits, any kind of federal benefits that currently go to a married man or married woman must be extended to couples of the same sex. That’s very frightening. Let me give you another example beyond marriage, human life. You know, you are not a body. Cs Lewis famously said, you are a soul and your soul has a body. Every person who was ever born or pre born matters. Why? Because we are made in the imago Dei. We’re made in the image of God Himself. There was never, ever, ever a person who did not matter. Ever. Since 1973. In the most notorious Supreme Court case ever, Roe against Wade, the Supreme Court redefine human life. And it made abortion legal up to and including all nine months of pregnancy. Anybody in here would like to guess how many abortions we have had in the United States of America just since 1973. 55 million. That’s called a Holocaust. 55 million, about one every 24 seconds. That brings great shame on our land. The other very shameful, notorious ruling and dress in the Dred Scott case, which confirms slavery. This was a, this was a terrible mark on our nation’s history. We lost 750 thousand Americans in the Civil War. Because we did not codified in law that black and white people are one. A 100 percent equal without exception forever. Because we are all made in God’s image, all of us. But what have we done in the United States of America since 1973, we have zeroed out of the human family, 55 million humans. What does your generation going to do about it? I have to tell you, I’m extremely hopeful. Your generation is more pro-life than your parents and grandparents. With two clicks of a mouse, you can look and see. It’s not an elephant or a mouse. It’s a human being, it’s not a choice. The pro-choice rhetoric is all wrong. Choice means that the two people get to decide, but only one person gets to decide. In the, in the current rubric, this is unjust. Marriage and life are very big. I would say, the biggest public policy matters of your generation. What is your generation going to do about these matters? We have never, ever needed Christians more than we need you now in public life. We need you in the media. We need your writing screenplays, you writing the music. We need you in the military, we need you in banking, in the law, in medicine, in real estate. Now, more than ever. Never to be apologetic for what it is you believe and why you believe it. And the third biggest public policy issue of your lifetime, along with the redefinition of marriage, along with the question of life, is the overriding monumental issue of religious liberty and the rights of conscience. If I had nine hours, could not cover all of the major attacks that are going on in the courts today to crack down on your religious liberty and rights of conscience. Let me ask the most basic question. I can’t. This is the easiest. Whenever. Where do your rights come from? Sorry, from God. They don’t come from government. They don’t come from the Constitution. They don’t come from the Declaration of Independence. They don’t come from the maniere Carta. They don’t come from anybody in Washington DC. They don’t come from the media. They come from God. Now let me ask you another question. Whose country is this? That’s correct. Why in this idea of religious liberty, is there this sense that it’s, that it’s the Democrats country or the Republicans country, or the media’s country, or the Supreme Court’s country, or the militaries country. No, it’s your country. And your God given rights can never be taken away. And the first one, the top one, is your religious liberty and your rights of conscience. And I want to tell you something. Here’s my right hand in the air. I promise. I promise. There are hundreds of thousands of people who get up every day in our bless it, remarkable, exemplary country working overtime to take away your religious liberty. It may tell you what they’re counting on. Their counting on Christians. To give up, to become discouraged, to not engage, to lay down like lambs? I can’t tell you. I wish I could tell you. I can’t tell you how many Christians I have met. Thousands of Christians, thousands who are in despair about the course of our country. When I tell them I’m from Washington, I oh, oh, I don’t know how you do it. I would never want to go there. What a mess. No. That’s just the opposite. Just the opposite. Every single one of the new tab of the Old Testament books is written to a political leader. 1 third of the New Testament books written to political leaders, why? We’re not to retreat. We are to engage. As Christians. We are not slouching toward Gomorrah. We are marching toward Zion. Were not crusading toward some victory. We are marching from the Victory. Our job is not to Christianize Washington or to Christianize the social order, or to Christianize the media. It’s to be of service. We’ve already one is christians. We are Christians, we are citizens of two places. This is our earthly home, but we’re going someplace else. That is our ultimate home. And while we are here, we are to engage at every level with confidence, with peace and serenity. To know that the victory is already been won. And now it’s our turn to step up to the plate and to do what we’re supposed to do.

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