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For the past 7 weeks we have discussed the various tools, techniques, and psychological aspects used by professional social engineers.  This week we need to put it all together and share what you have learned.  As a Security Consultant for Grantham University, you have been tasked with training the staff on how to recognize and defend against social engineering attacks.  Put together a mini training presentation that you would use to train your staff on the dangers of social engineering.  Your presentation should look back of the past seven weeks and include a module on each of the topics we have considered in the course.  Be creative!  Create a video presentation, a Power Point presentation, or write a script for a skit.

Topics for the past 7 weeks

Week 1: What is Social Engineering?

Week 2: Information Gathering

Week 3: Social Engineering Policy: Identity Verification

Week 4: Social Engineering Policy: Requests for Information

Week 5: Policy Statement: Failure to Follow Policy

Week 6: Social Engineering Policy: Requests for Information